Managing Diabetes: Current Status and Future Perspective
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Today diabetes has become one of the leading lifestyle ailments. #Diabetes is characterized by prolonged elevated blood sugar levels which further expose a person to the risk of developing a range of health issues. People with diabetes are at very high risk of heart disease and stroke. However, effective management of diabetes can help a diabetic person to live actively. This webinar will help you to expand your view on the ABCDs of diabetes, its management and futuristic treatment regimen for healthier and stress-free life.
Webinar Date & Time: 17th March at 3 PM
We will cover:
• Basics of diabetes
• Current treatments modalities
• Futuristic treatment
• How to prevent diabetes
• How to live with diabetes
Presented by Dr Sachin Kadam. Dr Sachin has a PhD in stem cell biology and regenerative therapy with a specialization in stem cell therapy for diabetes from India’s premier institute National Center for Cell Sciences.

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